Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Netflix Documentary: Orgasm Inc.

When I start watching documentaries, I just can`t stop. I scoured through the Netflix directory this morning and added over 20 interesting documentaries on a variety of subjects. They are less widely known, so maybe by writing about what I`ve learned I can point people towards a good learning experience.

This one was about the "myth of female sexual dysfunction."

To me, I thought it was true. I have my own issues with achieving an orgasm, and I relate it mostly to stress. In the beginning of the film they have several women describing what an orgasm is to them. There was one woman in particular who said it was like having a war with herself. She felt that something was wrong with her because she couldn`t, and that she fought with herself mentally because she wanted to, but couldn`t.

So we get into the movie and meet the film maker. She was hired by this company Vivus, who was trying out a cream to help women achieve orgasm. They wanted her to make a sexual film that they would have the women watch after apply the cream in order to measure the sexual response and figure out if the cream worked or not.

They discuss how Vivus produced a drug called Muse, which was the leading ED product until Viagra was marketed, so they then turned their attention to women and their FSD, or Female Sexual Dysfunction. Every company on the market was making something and joining the race for fda approval, whether it was curing these women or not. Everyone wanted to be the first company to cure FSD.
  But what IS FSD? Its a "disease" created by doctors and unrealistic expectations. Women are led to believe they need to orgasm every time they have sex, they are lead to believe that they should be as sexually active in their 60s as they were in their 20s. Our race has decided that everything needs to be able to be fixed with a pill or a cream or an injection. We refuse to believe that this is a normal part of growing older.

There is a bunch more interesting and funny stuff in this documentary. I recommend it. 72 minutes of your life well spent. Look it up on Netflix Instant.

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