Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reference from a friend "This Film is not yet rated"

So my friend Jackie told me about his documentary that shows us how films get rated and I thought I would do another "watch while blogging" blog about it.

So far its given us a bit of a background about how parents started rating films so they could tell others which movies were safe to bring their children to. Then we get a lovely, stirring opening full of blocked out sex scenes.
Then we meet the person who wrote "boys don`t cry" and she tells us how there`s a scene where the guy comes up from eating his girlfriend out and wipes the cum off his face, and instantly they slap an NC-17 rating on it, but then later the writer kills the character very violently and they don`t say a word about it which kinda sets her off. This gives us just a taste of how inconsistent the raters are. Then they say that the girl`s orgasm is too long, which doesn`t make any sense until you watch the orgasm for yourself and see that it`s scary to the raters because it`s about female pleasure.

Then they have voice recordings of other writers talking about the stupid things they`ve had to do. They have had to cut their films or alter them to remove dildos, to remove any chance of woman-on-woman action etc. The raters refuse to give an actual "list" of stuff they disprove of and therefore mark NC-17 but seem very inconsistent, and who`s to say that they are actually right for thinking such things anyway? Why should the opinions of these people come into play? Maybe they should just make a list and if a film has a certain amount of the things on the list then they categorize the film that way.
These people think that they are "gods" of a sort, that get to lay the standards for films when its all sort of childish. The ratings are as follows:

G: general audiences, no nudity, sex or drugs and violence must be minimal and cartoonish and may contain "children`s" curse words such as "rats", "darn", or "fart."

PG: parental guidance. There may be curse words, brief nudity and light violence such as getting kicked in the ass etc.

PG-13: this is for parents who don`t mind getting questions from their kids. "Shit" is not acceptable, and so is "fuck" but only once in the whole movie. Also depends on the manner in which the "Fuck" was said. If it was at someone it is fine but if it refers to sex or anything sexual it isn`t accepted. Seriously? How does this make any sense?

If there is any sexual innuendo and any violence or drugs it is immediately given an R

R: restricted. No children under 18 unless accompanied by an adult. This isn`t an all out free for all though. There may be sex, nudity and tough violence and frank sex talk. But the sex has to be only missionary. Anything depicting anything other than missionary, involving fetishes, old people, animals or anything the rating people just plain don`t like such as gay or lesbian sex, it gets slapped with an NC-17

NC-17: no children under 17. period. And if you get an NC-17 you risk not getting advertising which hurts the money made from the film.

If you choose not to accept the rating, you don`t get commercials, radio or anything advertising. No stores really carry nc-17s, walmart, kmart etc. So pretty much you cut your film to fit their needs or you don`t make any money.
then we learn a bit more about how people have been treated by the ratings people and I finally get an answer to an old question "What is an independent film'?
Well as it turns out an independent film is a filmmaker who dished out the money to get the film produces without having it rated. They seek to operate without all the restrictions of today. So maybe watch more Independent films to get a better viewing experience.
Out of 3o countries the MPAA doesn`t disclose who the rating people are, so it could be your neighbor, or your mom lol. It is actually really odd that this agency who is "working for us" won`t actually tell us who they are.
Then the producer decides to hire a private investigator and we follow the PI around. We learn that there isn`t a way to just walk into the MPAA building. They wait for a few cars to leave around lunch time so they can be followed and see if we can talk to them or discover who they are.
We meet a few people who have decided to speak out and share some secrets from within and we do learn that there is no training process, or charting process to determine what each film should be rated. They were offended by what some of the others had to say about movies that had been cut and it made them feel uneasy.
What I find interesting is that even with all the secrecy, the government hasn`t stepped in. And the rules and rating system is against the first amendment, so anyone off the street could mount a case against the MPAA but no one has because they are afraid. No one knows what would happen, and there are probably enough people who support these ratings to keep the MPAA functioning.
Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal, Walt Disney, Fox and Paramount control more than 95% of the US film industry, and guess who`s side they are on? The MPAA. No onder people are making more and more independent films these days. And these companies have sister companies that all together control over 90% of all media in the United States. After an excerpt from the MPAA confidentiality statement it is made clear that they do not want anyone knowing what is said within that building`s walls. When asked to give a list of what employees or former employees aren`t allowed to discuss, they refused. This way they are able to sue anyone who has worked for them at any given time because these people don`t know what they can and cannot talk about.
Armed with a tiny spy camera, the Pi and her friend`s daughter are following an employee as they emerge from the MPAA building, in hopes of getting some answers. We manage to get a glimpse of some possible raters.
Then we hear some more inconsistencies. "The cooler" was given and NC-17 because there was some pubic hair but in "Scream" or one of the parody's I don`t really know, the woman got her fake breast ripped out and that movie got rated an "R"

That`s all I really have to say, I`m 38 minutes into the movie so I`m sure it will get more controversial but you`ll have to watch it and see for yourself. It is on Netflix "This film is not yet rated"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Avon Products

So I`ve been an Avon sales rep for a few months now, and its really not that hard (and I`m not a people person) I am actually kinda shy in real life so if I can put in a 300$ order, I`m sure someone crazy and outgoing could do much better for themselves.
Most people I meet think Avon is cheap, useless junk. So I have been trying out different products here and there and I thought I would shed some light on the ones I personally love.

Lotus shield anti-frizz: Though the bottle is really tiny, take advantage of the low prices and deals and stock up on it when you can! This stuff really does help. It takes a few days of doing it, but I saw results by day 2, I still have some frizz, but my hair is much more manageable.

Keep it clear treatment: Anti dandruff stuff. It is icy and cold when massaging into the scalp and even stays cold while blow drying....weird. But it does the job, just be careful to only put a drop or two in each spot or you`ll end up with a greasy spot in your hair.

Fergie fragrance: I LOVE this perfume. It has two smells, a day and night one. I like the "Intense" scent better, but it smells really really good.

Silicone Glove: is this nifty, smooth hand cream. The directions say you`re supposed to put it on before doing housework. I haven`t tried that but it does protect hands from overnight chills and the lows here in Florida lol.

Foot works pumice cream: I love the smell and feel of this stuff. It does the work of a 20 minute pumice session in the tub, while sitting wherever you please. Simply put on, wait a few minutes and massage off. It smells good and you can see the tiny bits of pumice, and walnut shells.

Solutions Vibes roller: Is an under eye treatment. Works some days but not others for me, might work better for someone else.

Skin so soft gelled body oil: Has this amazing feel when it hits your skin. Its cool, wet, but not slimy. The original scent is what I use, which smells like baby powder. It does leave a residue, but that fades after a few minutes and leaves the scent and the feel. Perfect for after shaving or nightly renewal.

Silky Stay Shave gel: Speaking of shaving. The Avon shave "gel" isn`t really what you would expect in a gel. It is a little runny, but you only need a pea sized drop to do one entire leg.

Foot works Arthritis and achy muscle cream: Careful! this one is like a wake up call to your senses. It contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help soothe your feet and ankles, but the scent is a very strong minty smell. I can smell it through my clogged senses from the flu.

Lavender overnight cream: A foot cream that goes well with those fuzzy socks infused with lotions and aloe and whatnot. Or just by itself. When you peel off your socks in the morning and put your feel down on the ground, its like the feel you`re feeling with aren`t your own. They`re smooth, and supple, and smell great too!

Skin so soft "Soft indulgences": is a new line from Skin So Soft coming out soon. I bought it as a demo and fell in love. It has this extreme grapefruit citrus smell to it and comes in a body wash, lotion and body spray collection that layers nicely for an all day pleasure to the nostrils. And it has this "tingly" effect that really helps you wake up so I would pair it with that acne "wake up" facewash for a new morning routine.

Solutions body "liquid bra": So this line is rarely heard of or talked about from what I`ve read. I don`t really need it because my tits are big enough at "DDD"`s but I do like the effect I have seen. So its this runny pink lotion type stuff that you rub on your boobs after a shower, before bed, before leaving for work etc, and it "plumps them up" after a few days. I believe it makes your boobs retain moisture, because the effect wears off if you discontinue use, but I like the rounding out it gives me, better cleavage, firmer. Does the job without getting a boob job.

Avon Naturals sugarplum: Not sure if it is a seasonal thing, or if you can order year round, but I ordered some for the holidays and fell in love with the scent. Thinking about trying out more of the Naturals line.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Netflix find "Dive" (documentary on America`s waste)

So I found this documentary while going through netflix one day, started watching it today. These people dumpster dive at the back of supermarkets and stores, showing viewers what America is wasting. Such as a carton of eggs tossed because one egg was cracked. Making me a bit queasy but I can understand where they are coming from. This family is eating like kings, from the dumpster.

A shot of the fridge showed 5 cartons of eggs, 10 packs of chicken and piles of other fruits, veggies and meat. 20% of landfills in America are made up of "consumer waste" which means just because one potato was moldy, that the entire bag gets to rot somewhere when instead the supermarket could just donate the un-moldy food to charity, or soup kitchens. The most common dumpster ingredients are organic food. So that carton of eggs that is "cage free" or "organic chicken fed" that you would pay 6$+ for in the supermarket, is now free because the sell by date was that day, or its missing an egg etc.
In just one week of dumpster diving the family had enough meat to survive a whole year. Why aren`t more people dumpster diving? None of the supermarkets would be interviewed on or off camera about why they weren`t doing something about all the unused food.

I find it sort of poetic, that these people can literally take "one mans waste" and feed their families. Even though dumpster diving is illegal and they do get caught and have been arrested for for dumpster diving and taking unwanted food.

The food bank of America is short about 11 million pounds of food each year even though supermarkets are part of the affiliates and regularly donate food, but the food in the dumpsters would help the food bank meet their quota with about 10 million pounds to spare! And its not just the supermarkets, food waste happens on the farm while picking, in transit, during processing, its amazing any food makes it to the shelves at all.
They even show you the math showing you in different graphs how much food is wasted and how it could help us to reuse it. Like if we fed the unused food to pigs that were being raised for meat it would raise 200 thousand piglets, which would save us money on grains but hurt the pockets of the wealthy grain farmers, who are growing corn below cost anyway!
Example: with the U.S`s food waste, the entire country of Haiti could be fed for a year or more, so why aren`t we doing it?

"Nearly half of the kids and 90% of black children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives"
So true, I my self am on food stamps, but I coupon clip and stockpile our food, and grow some of it out in my 2 gardens. Anything we don`t eat goes to the dogs or the rats or is composted or recycled. We barely put anything in a trash can.

And some of the waste is due to people not knowing enough about food to determine whether or not it is safe to eat still. Back in the day everyone knew how to tell a bad egg from a good egg, but now we just go by labels, even though the "best by" dates are usually off by about a week to keep companies from getting sued. When I worked at McDonald's we threw out food every day. Sometimes we would take home parfaits or salads, and let me tell you they last much longer than 8-12 hours. We had fruit and yogurt parfaits a week and a half later.
We all are to blame really. America has become lazy, which is obvious because we actually had to invent video game systems to get us up off the couch, our kids are obese, diabetes is a common household word and nobody cares. Not surprising that most of the food that is wasted is fresh food. No one wants to cook anymore!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little old me

Maybe we need to get to know each other a little bit more. I go by Kihluna online, so why choose "SplynterReality" as the name for my blog? Well I didn`t understand it at first, it just seemed right. Like picking a name for a pet, you don`t make the pet take the name, you look at them, and the name just pops into your head.
It took a bit more soul searching to find the meaning to my blog name, and I`m sorry if the name means something different to someone else, or is already being used. To me, personally, SplynterReality is me. I have splintered my life to fit the different needs of the people and animals around me, my family, but I have not lost who I am. Instead, I became more than one person, confined within one. With each personality comes a different mindset.

There`s the Wife, though Tony and I aren`t married yet. I have to babysit him because he is a man after all, you know, do the nagging thing. Making sure bills are paid, meals are cooked, laundry is done etc.

There`s the Mother, to Drake. I`m the "mean" parent, I do the punishing, the feeding, the bathing, the spanking, wiping and suctioning his nose. Everything he hates to do, I do because I have more patience. Especially the dr`s visits.

There is also the Mistress, to Josh. Truthfully it`s like having a very intelligent dog, and when he`s bad, he gets punished. (more on that in a later blog)

Not to mention the Owner/mommy. With so many animals, I take on a different role, as a pack leader of sorts. All the dogs, rats, and fish answer to me and know what is expected of them.

I am also all over the web (or I will be.)

also please check out this online store with prices at least 50% off

not to mention the blogging. Thats all for now, may be updated later.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free Time Activities

Every stay at home mom does it at some point: surveys. I currently belong to about 25 or so of them, and am pretty close to getting paid soon. Figured I`d share my survey sites, these are my referral links so if you sign up through them then I get some help too :)

Cash Sites:

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Vindale Research:
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Only Cash Surveys:
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I love this site. I get about 10 paid emails a day, they have so many things to do, cash`s out at 30$ I`ve got about 22$ in 4 days. Awesome.

MommyTalk surveys:
For mothers, baby related surveys

not a Dashboard type site. Sign up and surveys are sent to your email.


Survey Downline:
this place is like a pyramid scheme for surveys. Everyone you invite you get an initial bonus, then every survey they do you get a percent of. If they invite someone, you get a 3rd party bonus and percentage as well. Pretty cool if you recruit alot of people.

Inbox Dollars:
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Cash Crate:
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Valued Opinons:

Paid viewpoint:
the layout and graphics on this site are smooth and easy. They email you each survey, and the survey takes under 5 minutes. They show you how much each question is worth, and spell it out for you too.


Poll Buzzer:
get paid for answering polls. very few though, maybe with better demographics?

Point Based:

Along with surveys I also sign up for free samples and enter sweepstakes, these are the sites I use:

List of free books, samples, etc.
hard to explain this one. its like ebates kinda
amazon mechanical turk. do easy tasks for quick cash.

enter all once a day

this fun little game can have money added to it from your bank account to double it or triple it.

register and then keep logs of which of the hundreds of surveys you sign up for, they have a newsletter as well to keep you updated

freebie site, they have some survey site recommendations as well
this is the sister site of Paid Viewpoints, quick and easy fun polls for cash.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Fur Children

Now for a rundown of our many, many pets. I love animals, but I make sure that each one we have is properly taken care of and that we can afford to take care of any that we take in, otherwise I find new homes for them. We have 3 dogs.

Sassy, shes almost 2 now. A pitbull/greyhound mix. We found her on craigslist and when we went to meet her it was pouring outside and the trailer she lived under was flooded. The owner didn`t want to go into the rain so I crawled under the trailer home and pulled her out, muddy, wet and stinky. She came home with us that evening and we never contacted those people again. Sassy has a bit of a barking problem, but I think that`s because the fence surrounding our house is tall and wooden so she can`t see out. We go to the dog park whenever possible, trying to socialize her.
Sassy is very protective of Drake, and has been known to growl at the other dogs if they get annoyed with the baby. Sassy lets the baby chew on her ears, cleans his face. At one point she put her snout un his onesie and nuzzled him when he was sleeping on the playmat and was crying out in his sleep. She also has issues with men, and whenever I yell "sassy help!" will come over and put herself between me and whoever is "attacking" me. Usually she just licks them to death, but if either of my boys ever raised a hand to me I know she would do more than that.
Sassy has alot of energy. She`s tore up 3 pairs of blinds, the loveseat and the carpet before we realized she has separation anxiety. We crate trained her and now whenever I leave the house she runs and gets in her king sized crate covered in pillows and gets a treat. She`s such a doll.

Then there is Kingsley. He is a beagle, and a skinny Beagle at that. Since we took him from a hispanic guy he has gained maybe 5 pounds. He came back clean for all worms so no one can give us a clue as to why he doesn`t gain weight. We`ve tried puppy food, people food, protein, vitamins, bacon grease, everything. So as long as he doesn`t lose his energy we are just going to let him stay skinny.
Kingsley had a bit of an issue with potty training, and he seems to have been beaten at some point in his life. We think he`s 3. He cowers when you yell at him, and yelps if you grab at him, like to push him off your seat or trying to get him into his crate when we leave. He has a funny little trot and his ears fly up when he runs. Little man isn`t fond of Drake though, and gets an attitude whenever the baby tries to grab at him, but he loves Tony. Since its been cold here in sunny florida he`s been sleeping under the blankets between myself and Tony, like a little heater.

Last but not least is Diamond, my pitt/mutt mix. She`s a grand 15 years old. I have had her for as long as I can remember. I put her in my pocket not long after she was weaned and tail docked because the mama-dog`s owner was going to kill her. She was the runt. My dad let me keep her with a little coercion from my stepmom at the time. Later Diamond`s mother Brownie died along with most of the puppies, a rattlesnake had gotten into the pen with them.
She spent a few good years running around like crazy with our other dogs at the time Midnight and Bart. Then Midnight got out and was eaten by a gator. We later switched houses on the ranch. My father is the head mechanic for Babcock Florida company, and he lives on the ranch still. When we switched houses and Bart died of old age Diamond was a little too rambunctious. We had a pen out back that she shared with the pigs for almost 3 years. Whenever I came down for the summer from Maryland she stayed out of the pen till I went home when school started. Dad called it "the box" and we think that it changed her personality. Now I don`t agree with locking your dogs up for three years but I was like 11 and had no say in the matter, but it did make her want to stay at the house. When she was let out when I came to live on the ranch at 13-14 years old, she never left the yard.
Dad taught her lessons the hard way. If she jumped out of the truckbed at the supermarket in town, he left her. She would show up at home the next day without fail, or a cowboy would pick her up running down highway 31 coming home. If he was out on a job on the ranch and she wouldn`t get in the truck, he made her run home. In her prime she could keep up with a truck going 45mph for at least 30minutes before slowing down. But she always came home.
We took her with us when we moved off the ranch, and she does pretty well in town. She`s old and has arthritis from the years of living outside and surviving hurricanes and running miles a day, so we dont take her out for walks or for rides in the car anymore. She goes outside whenever she wants and justs lays there, gets cookies every day, treats and tablescraps. She has her own bed in nearly every room of the house except maybe the bathroom lol. She`s living the life now, finally retired.

Now on to the Rats. There are 9 of them, 6 males 3 females. Seperate cages of course. I`ve done a bit of swapping with a friend to get to where we are now. Started out with 3 white females. They weren`t ever handled as babies so they made pretty horrible pets. I then took in 4 more females because they came with a cage that the boys now live in.

Eventually we got one male rat, Curly seen above with Sassycakes. He lived on the back of the couch with no issues from the dogs, all by himself. Curly developed a taste for coffee, and would hunt Tony down and stick his face in the coffee mug every morning.

Well Tony was cleaning one day and put Curly in the cage with the girls not thinking. Needless to say we had babies.
Blossom gave birth and we kept 4 boys, (Brutus, Dante, Caesar and CJ "curly junior")and gave the rest away to my friend along with blossom and her friend Buttercup. We kept the 2 hairless females.

After they grew it became nearly impossible to tell the difference between Curly, Cj and Caesar. The children grew bigger than Curly lol. So I go by size and fur type. Curly is a rex rat, so his fur is...well Curly lol. Caesar was some curlyness while Cj is mostly straigh haired and fat...and lazy.

At some point one of the hairless females became pregnant. We suspected Brutus as the father because of coloring and because the mother, Kanga was so mean she bit everyone except for him. The reason he was even near her was because we thought he was a girl for awhile. His nuts dropped late. Anyway Kanga killed all but 4 babies and I kept the one boy Dimitri, he was so tiny. He is the biggest rat I have now, but he`s missing 2 toes and has no nails on that same foot.

Last but not least my fish. I have 2 tanks, both about 45 gallons. One has about 8 carp. 4 big goldfish and 4 koi fish ranging in size along with a large Pleco (suckerfish)My second tank has a green severum, a gold severum, an albino oscar, a giant gourami and a tiny tiny pleco who has to hide for his life every day. I`ll have pics of them later, they`re not the easiest things to capture on camera.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drake Anthony-Eraven Nargi

Okay, like before I mentioned I have a son with Achondroplasia. This means he has a big head, normal sized torso and shorter arms/legs, just like his father. There may be more to it but I am by no means, a doctor, I`m just going by what I`ve been told by doctor after doctor.
Thankfully, he was a C-section. His head was in the 100th percentile and much to Tony`s mother`s dismay, I wasn`t about to destroy myself and risk my childs` life by trying to do that naturally. (I wanted the C-section anyway)
Drake progresses mobility-wise just a little slower than normal babies, but he is twice as smart. At 3 months he could hold his own bottle, but at 11 months he still cannot sit up on his own.
We have a team of drs. who monitor everything about him. Ent,Neuro,Ortho, Pulmology, genetics, pediatricians, therapists, sleep studies, etc. It keeps me busy enough so that even if I had a job I would be out for most of the month. So getting fired the day after Christmas was like a gift to me.

But as was as babies go, its really nice to have a baby with dwarfism. He`s still wearing 3month onesies, still wearing size 2 diapers, has a smaller appetite. He sleeps in the weirdest positions too, just like his father, and snores. Drake is intelligent too, he has already figured out how to unlock Sassy`s crate, and lock the sliding glass door. He has a projectile vomit problem which he uses like a defense mechanism, whenever he is startled or scared (or disciplined) he throws up everywhere. The GI doctor says it will calm down as he learns to sit and stand, which he is doing more and more every day.

This last one was the night of the sleep study at Healthpark Hospital. The results showed only snoring, no sleep apnea for this guy. Its very common for babies with dwarfism to develop sleep apnea, which is dangerous from what I am told, thankfully, only Drake`s snoring wakes him up at night, and a few night terrors here and there.

A less than humble welcome

Welcome to my blog, this is my first pubic blog and I`m not quite sure what to do with it at the moment so here we go. Its all about me, since I have very few friends irl and just lost my job, I have plenty of time to inform everyone all about me (I`m not too boring I swear)
k. background time!

I am 20, turning 21 on January 28th.
I am engaged to Tony, my boyfriend with Achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. Google it for more info. We have a son, Drake, who is turning 1 on the 19th of January, he also has Achondroplasia.
I also live an active lifestlye in BDSM. I have a submissive named Josh who lives with us, and gets along with my boyfriend just fine.
Our household consists of us, 3 dogs, 9 rats and 2 45gallon fishtanks
I have many activities and hobbys to help pass the time and bring in a little extra cash that I will be sharing as well. I will be posting just about everything I do so hopefully I can entertain a few different crowds out there.

That`s it for this post, thanks for reading!