Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorite Music progams

I love music. Music puts me in the mood to write, gets me out of sad moods, helps me cope, helps me get away, and just keeps me busy. It is not merely entertainment for me and I don`t stick to one genre either. My musical tastes range from k-pop,j-pop and j rock, to russian rock, german industrial and even this really awesome A Cappella group called Van Canto.

  I used to use Itunes to get all of my music, but it was costly and limited. I was always finding better stuff on YouTube and all over the internet. For awhile I was downloading through LimeWire (until I learned it was illegal) and then just ripping songs from the Cd`s of my friends.

 Recently I have found 2 ways of getting my music fix. At home I use Spotify, which isn`t as limited as Itunes, but is still missing some stuff. I believe Spotify builds its database from producers and users. It is a social music program/app/whatever that allows you to follow other people`s music, playlists, genres, etc. You can build playlists, follow Artists, even find out the top 100 in other countries.

In the car we have begun to use Slacker Radio, a free app with limited commercials  (and even those are amusing.) Tony found it one day and we listened to it all the way up to visit his family. I liked that it quieted itself to allow my navigation to talk. Pandora just forced me to try and hear the navigator through the music which was irritating.

Both of these come in a free version and paid version, but as we know I am very frugal so of course we stick to the free ones :)


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