Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Netflix documentary: "Beyond the Myth" about pitbulls

I recently watched another documentary on Netflix that was a little close to home. It was called Beyond the Myth, the truth about pit bulls.

We all know the controversy about pitbulls and the stigma attatched to them. I`ve heard both sides of the story and I try to remain unbiased, but its just so hard when I have a pitbull at home...and my son is her puppy.
   How can pitbulls be bad if my dog guards my son? She helped him learn to walk, she follows him around the house to make sure he doesn`t get hurt. When we have other kids here she watches them too, laying outside the bedroom and keeping an eye on them. Drake pull her fur, ears, feet and kicks her. He lays on her and puts his hands in her mouth. I have never once been afraid that she would hurt him, ever.

I am a firm believer of these instances being the owners fault. It doesn`t matter what breed, or even species an animal is, its the owner who raises it that way. Same with children. Be a bad parent, get a trashy kid. Its karma, but instead of seeing it that way we panic and ban a breed of dog.
 How would you like it if we banned white people? how do you get rid of them huh? In the movie they rounded up over 400 pitbulls and killed them. Yet if they were people, it would be different, right?

In the beginning of the film there is a news reporter saying "Most of the nation believes Pits are natural born killers."
  Aren`t they all? Dogs are domesticated from WOLVES people. They kill to survive. We bred them down and made them fluffy little lapdogs. So isn`t that proof enough that Pits are no more to blame for this than say, a Pomeranian? Little dogs have much worse personality issues because we spoil them, we treat them like children. Pitbulls are abused, or left outside on chains to be a symbol of protection and nothing more.

The woman speaking grew up around Pits her whole life and tells a story about how she was in college in Texas and wanted to adopt a Pit from the shelter, and was told that they don`t let people adopt Pits, and that they euthanize the puppies even. This was back in 1996.
  She then founded Chako, a rescue for Pitbulls. Today over thousands of rescues exist. If we had the land I would rescue animals as well. Someone needs to save animals from our own stupidity. She runs Chako through volunteers only.

  Then we learn that there is no "Pit Bull" breed. That any dog with a square head, round eyes, and short muzzle can be labeled a Pit. So by that logic it looks like French Bulldogs are Pitbulls? What about an English Bull Terrier? Their heads are ice cream cone shaped.
   Its just like killing the Jews back with the whole Hitler thing. People put up a fuss about a type of dog so we try to eradicate it. We realized it was wrong to kill people based on religion or lifestyle, but its not wrong to kill all dogs with square heads? Dafuq is wrong with us?

 They have comparisons of people being bitten by other dogs and it not reaching the news, and then showing  how every single Pit Bull biting reaches the news.  A law was developed to demand people to fix their dogs if they were deemed a Pit Bull, or a dangerous breed.
 .....shouldn`t we spay and neuter anyway? There are thousands of dogs homeless and in shelters across America. But we are only going to worry about the Pits in terms of requiring them to be spayed and neutered? In my county they spay and neuter your pits for free, so I would have like 7 of them if we had the space lol.

 Without spoiling too much more of the movie I will say this. It makes for an eye opening hour and a half. Some of the things I learned made me honestly believe that everyone is an idiot out there. People need to be educated, they need to educate themselves and see for themselves before they judge any breed. What`s going to happen when they ban all dogs because of fear?

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