Saturday, December 29, 2012

More ways to make money, including some weird ones

Warning: This post does contain material that is not suitable for underage people

If you type in "make money at home" or anything like that into Google, it gives you millions of pages. Most of these pages are lists that fellow users of the internet have compiled onto their own blogs for people, and I know I have made one of my own awhile back. So here is the updated list.

for you artistic people:

* the classic, minimal fee website for people who make jewelry, soaps, clothing and anything else really

* design t-shirts, or rather, put artwork up for people to buy and put on t shirts themselves.

* this one is a bit tricky. You submit your design and if it is voted for and picked then you get paid for it to be produced.

Here`s one I never even thought of. Everyone gets out of jury duty, even though they sometimes compensate you for your time. But how about getting compensated without wasting the gas? Money in the pocket, maybe.


* the game is webpage based, with horrible graphics and the only option is a male character. The game runs for a month, then your gold is translated into cash. about 10k gold is a dollar, and 5 dollars is the payout. Each month the game is reset, everything back to zero, the higher your level and the faster you level, the more you make. Its best not to waste money on fancy weapons and armor, you find plenty in the dungeons. The website is foreign so there are horrible spelling errors, but hey, 45 min a day for a month and an easy possible 15-20 bucks right?

  there`s only one website and thats Some states have a program that allows recyclebank to pay you based on the amount of stuff you recycle each month.

Also check state laws because there is a market for just about anything you can recycle.
Sell used tires to used tire shops, scrapping, aluminum deposits, glass deposits, some websites even buy boxes and used shipping material. I even found a website that buys used golf balls, for all of you that thought that living next to a golf course was annoying! ( The details on how to sell to them are a bit hazy, I`m requesting more information myself.

Like to blab? Like to give opinions? get paid to write reviews on products. The higher your rating, the more you can make. My username is Kihluna so look me up.

For the mothers:

Has helpful job postings and articles on working from home.

Now for the fun stuff. If you`re under 18 leave now.

Make money from perverts!

Sell used panties- even men can do this, or hire a woman to wear them, any size is sellable. Pairs sell for 15-20 bucks apiece. Just google it

Pretty feet?- like to get pedicures? put up an ad on backpage or google how to get paid for foot worship, which can either mean in person foot loving, or selling your pics or videos wearing socks, shoes, or bare feet.

Be a virtual prostitute- its not illegal lol. does require a start up fee though :/

There are plenty of websites on the web that pay you to be a videocam girl, any size so big girls don`t be afraid to look it up. Some sites allow just phone sex, or just webcam, some even allow only sexting. Get paid to write dirty text messages, really!.

Some adult E magazines will pay for writing sex stories

Hope these help people!