Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amore pizza, Gulf Coast town center.

Awhile back we found this place called Amore when we were looking for a Subway. We usually stick to Dominos when it comes to pizza but the smell coming from this place lured us in.
   The decor was very rustic, very basic. Right when you walk in you come face to face with the pizza oven and the pizza station. We spent around 22 bucks on a 16 inch pizza, a side of fries for Drake and drinks. They offer fountain drinks, Gatorade, Arizona tea in the can, coffee and other beverages. Amore`s menu consists of specialty pizzas, make your own pizzas, pasta dishes, salads and appetizers such as Tsaziki,(which was amazing btw)
There is an everyday special of a pizza slice and fountain drink for 3.50$
Mondays- buy one get one half off pizza
Tuesdays- all you can eat pizza slices for 6$
Weds- any size any topping 10$
Thursday- any pasta for 8$
We all loved the food, though the atmosphere was a bit..bare. Don't let looks fool you though, try the food. It was amazing

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