Friday, April 12, 2013

Drake`s new schedule

Drake turned 2 this past January, and has entered the terrible 2 stage. He has become a lovable nightmare. He screams nonstop, throws tantrums, throws anything really, and is just a general brat. Along with this, he still isn`t talking, and appears to be ignoring everything I say.

  He started Physical Therapy 2 weeks ago and we are waiting to being Occupational and Speech therapy as well. His Physical Therapists call him the 8`oclock screamer. Drake screams non-stop from the moment they touch him till they let him go. I have to sit in a viewing room in order to get him to do anything because if I`m in the room he won`t work at all. Either way he screams through it. I told the girls to get earplugs, they won`t offend me. The last thing I need is 2 people losing their hearing over Drake lol.
   I do like this therapy better than the other one he went to down by Healthpark. This one is in the All Children`s Outpatient and they do just about everything there too. We are also looking into something called Early Steps which I guess is a government program that would send someone to our house to help me work with him. When he turns 3 they would be helping me to get him into a daycare that would work with him and any issues he has.

  Dr. Alea, the pulmonary doctor, wants us to have another sleep study, which we will be doing in May sometime. Just to assess any issues that may have arisen in the past year. This won`t be his last either. For anyone who is unfamiliar with what a sleep study is: A sleep study, for a baby is when they monitor the baby when they sleep. It usually begins at 8pm, by 9pm the lights are out. Before lights out the technician puts a bunch of wires and other random things on the child, it is very scary looking and usually disturbs the child, but doesn`t hurt them. When the child falls asleep everything is monitored, from brain waves to heartbeat, pulse, breathing, reflexes, R.E.M sleep, snoring, etc.

We stopped seeing Donaldson for ENT work. In my opinion he is just too rough and more "drug pushy" than the new ENT we are seeing, Dr. Reidy. Donaldson told me the 2 times we saw him that Drake`s adenoids were fine and his tonsils were nothing to worry about. Even Drake`s old pediatrician literally said "I`ve seen bigger" when he saw the tonsils. I`m sorry. There is a reason my kid is snoring. He is 2, something is wrong, he shouldn`t be snoring so hard he wakes up screaming. There is something wrong with that in my opinion.
   And I wasn`t wrong!
Reidy spent 5 min looking at Drake and said he needs tonsils and adenoids out. He said the tonsils weren`t "kissing" yet, but to keep in mind that everything relaxes when we go to sleep, so they are most likely being sucked back into the throat at night and causing breathing issues. He also wants to do something with warm water up Drake`s nose during the same procedure that will make something up there shrink.
   After failing 2 hearing tests we have realized Drake is starting to go deaf mainly in his left ear. Reidy is going to put tubes in after the hearing test confirms he will be okay under sedation.

It was a lot to take in, after having doctor after doctor tell you he is fine, we are now finding out he isn`t ignoring me, he can`t hear me. What a slap to the face I felt lol.

More updates as time goes on. If any mothers` read this and have questions or need someone to talk to about their child with dwarfism, feel free to reach out. My email is Don`t feel weird or insecure, I know I`ve wished I had other mothers to talk to about this. The only person I know who went through all this is Tony`s mother, and she keeps telling me I worry too much.

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