Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drake`s head surgery

We just got home from St. Pete Hospital on friday. Drake was admitted for surgery on Tuesday the 9th. It was really scary to have to sit in the waiting room not knowing what was happening for a whole hour. The only thing worse I could imagine was either getting a bad phone call or having to sit there for more than one hour.
  Drake needed to have his spinal entry into his head made bigger. They said his hole in the bottom of his head was so small it was pinching his spine and causing issues. His neurosurgeon was Dr. Carey. She is a very friendly woman who tells you in blunt terms what needs to be done, what she wants to do, and how she will do it. She was very reassuring and confident.

  He came through just fine. It is still painful to see the row of stitches running up the back of his head but he is sitting up again and cruising just fine. Somehow though I`ve become more distant from him and it makes me feel guilty and pained. Right now he is awake in his crib babbling and I want to go in there and play with him, but it is an hour past his bedtime and I don`t want him to get used to being up at 9pm, also every time I try to play with him he pushes me away and gets fussy.
  We came home not even 5 days later and he has made a perfect recovery. I would recommend this surgery to anyone with a child who has Achondroplaisa. The name of the surgery was a Spinal Decompression of the Foamen Magnum. Meaning, she shaved away some bone from the base of his skull in order to make the hole bigger so his spine was able to get more fluid flow. At no time was his head control compromised.

 We`ve always had this kind of relationship. Whenever Tony or Josh are around he laughs and plays but with me he just gets fussy and/or hits. Maybe I should just accept that this is my role.