Friday, July 19, 2013

Life is a never ending journey

Drake had his surgery June 18th,  took all of 45 minutes. The ent said his left ear was a lot worse than we thought, so we are currently putting antibiotic drops in his ear. The tube isn`t expected to hold and more surgery may be required.
 Then we got cleared to go back into therapy this week and find out the speech therapist is leaving April we`ll be thrown back onto a waiting list for speech therapy.

 We called DCF on Robin finally, because she honestly doesn`t deserve to have kids. After everything she ended up taking them home and cutting us all off from her facebook and home.

Tony got promoted and is running his own Radio Shack, Josh also got promoted to assistant.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Herro, Didn`t see you there

Seems it has been awhile since I blogged heh, sorry.

The rundown?:

*Drake surgery next tuesday, the 18th. Tonsils, Adenoids, Turbinades (idek what those are) and tubes.
*I`ve been banned from Forsaken World twice in a week because of my stupid Vpn. Currently banned now
*We have all had the plague, vomit and migranes and fevers oh my.
*Been trying out new recipies, incorporating veggies a lot more. Even tried a few products that say "chick`n, but meatless" which baffle me with their deliciousness
* Finches have 2 out of 4 babys hatched. Knocked one from the nest but I saved it and Tweety hasn`t rejected it so far. *fingers crossed*
*Its been rainy here in Florida, so the plants are growing.
*Tony, Robin and I changed the starter on the car all by ourselves, with dad yelling at me via cellphone from Tennesee
*Heard from my brother for the first time in 2 years. He is in some exclusive military branch and has very little contact with the outside world.

Been pretty busy, but being banned had allowed me to get my first book done, and revise it once. I have also done a deep clean of the house, and set up my stockpile in the garage.

As for my character, I was making incredible progess now that I had figured out what purple sets I am going with. A friend, Cayennel helped me figure out gemming as well so the greater part of my gaming life is devoted to collecting gems. I need like 960 of 2 types x.x

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inside the Mind of Cell Shade

My ex boyfriend of maybe 3-5 years on and off has finally found something he`s taking pride in. Him and a few friends have started a "show" of sorts featuring them talking about random things and whatnot. He`s been getting a bunch of hits so I offered to feature him on my humble little blog and Tumblr to get him some ratings. Some of it is actually pretty funny, and season two is coming out soon.

Or just go to youtube and search for CellShade1.

He has been all over the place since I met him, dabbling in things and never really finding a niche he could make work, though he did try his hardest. Maybe this show will take off and become an internet hit :)