Monday, January 7, 2013

Miami trip 1/7/13

Today was the long awaited Miami trip. The one we take each year to see Drakes geneticist. I get so anxious when driving that usually josh has to drive for this trip because miami drivers are crazy, this trip I drove the whole way because josh couldn't get the day off of work. After waking up at 5am to bring him to work, tony let me sleep in till about 8:30 since everything was packed last night. We left the house at 9:30 and made good time taking an alternate route to avoid the tolls.
   Around 10:30 we stopped for a potty break, changed the baby and let Aries pee. We had to bring him because he just had the snip snip surgery and can't hold his pee very long so I didn't want him sitting in his crate for 6-7 hours. Ate some of the tuna salad I made and got back on the road after fighting with the air conditioning a bit.
  Arrived on time and set aries up in the car with food and water and puppy pads and went in. Drake was wet so I went to change his diaper. He waited till I had his butt in the air to start peeing. He laughed at me at first, then got himself in the face. I couldn't finish changing him because he was laying in pee, I would swear it was half a pint of water! So I let him wander around the bathroom naked minus the shoes until tony brought me an outfit and I had the pee wiped dry everywhere.
  Tony was already in the room by the time we got out. They did drakes weight and head circumference, then put us in the room. The visit went well, though it was the drs last time at miami u, next year we'll be seeing her at miami childrens. She gave us our list of things to finish before next year. All 3 therapys, tonsils and appenoids removed, head monitored, dentistry,hearing test and re-evaluation by all the specialists.
   Then we drove the 57 miles to visit tonys dad, had dinner and watched aries try to take on their german shepherd. At this point it was 7pm I had been up and driving since 5am so obviously I was tired. After a long and grueling 2.5hr drive we arrived home. The whole trip took 1 tank of gas and was about 350miles.
  Id say we did pretty well. Spent 25 bucks the whole day