Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little old me

Maybe we need to get to know each other a little bit more. I go by Kihluna online, so why choose "SplynterReality" as the name for my blog? Well I didn`t understand it at first, it just seemed right. Like picking a name for a pet, you don`t make the pet take the name, you look at them, and the name just pops into your head.
It took a bit more soul searching to find the meaning to my blog name, and I`m sorry if the name means something different to someone else, or is already being used. To me, personally, SplynterReality is me. I have splintered my life to fit the different needs of the people and animals around me, my family, but I have not lost who I am. Instead, I became more than one person, confined within one. With each personality comes a different mindset.

There`s the Wife, though Tony and I aren`t married yet. I have to babysit him because he is a man after all, you know, do the nagging thing. Making sure bills are paid, meals are cooked, laundry is done etc.

There`s the Mother, to Drake. I`m the "mean" parent, I do the punishing, the feeding, the bathing, the spanking, wiping and suctioning his nose. Everything he hates to do, I do because I have more patience. Especially the dr`s visits.

There is also the Mistress, to Josh. Truthfully it`s like having a very intelligent dog, and when he`s bad, he gets punished. (more on that in a later blog)

Not to mention the Owner/mommy. With so many animals, I take on a different role, as a pack leader of sorts. All the dogs, rats, and fish answer to me and know what is expected of them.

I am also all over the web (or I will be.)

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not to mention the blogging. Thats all for now, may be updated later.

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