Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free Time Activities

Every stay at home mom does it at some point: surveys. I currently belong to about 25 or so of them, and am pretty close to getting paid soon. Figured I`d share my survey sites, these are my referral links so if you sign up through them then I get some help too :)

Cash Sites:

paid emails, games, surveys from time to time and videos

Vindale Research:http://tryvindale.com/V14MON2C
paid emails, surveys, studies, videos and paid referrals

YFS Research:http://www.yfsresearch.com/Default.aspx
I get a few surveys from here, but people with different profiles might get more

Only Cash Surveys:http://www.onlycashsurveys.com/
daily surveys 5$ signup bonus

SendEarnings: http://www.sendearnings.com/?r=ref3250736
I love this site. I get about 10 paid emails a day, they have so many things to do, cash`s out at 30$ I`ve got about 22$ in 4 days. Awesome.

MommyTalk surveys: www.mommytalksurveys.com
For mothers, baby related surveys

Consumerlink: www.consumerlink.com
not a Dashboard type site. Sign up and surveys are sent to your email.

SurveySpree: www.surveyspree.com

Survey Downline: http://www.surveydownline.com/e/s.aspx?fid=851399
this place is like a pyramid scheme for surveys. Everyone you invite you get an initial bonus, then every survey they do you get a percent of. If they invite someone, you get a 3rd party bonus and percentage as well. Pretty cool if you recruit alot of people.

Inbox Dollars: http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref10233321
works just like the Send Earnings site.

Cash Crate:http://www.cashcrate.com/3310597
has a referral tier system, loads to do, get a few cents for checking in each day plus emails, surveys, tasks, videos, etc.

Valued Opinons: www.valuedopinions.com

Paid viewpoint:http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=7pfo82
the layout and graphics on this site are smooth and easy. They email you each survey, and the survey takes under 5 minutes. They show you how much each question is worth, and spell it out for you too.

Surveyhead: www.surveyhead.com

Poll Buzzer: www.pollbuzzer.com
get paid for answering polls. very few though, maybe with better demographics?

Point Based:











Along with surveys I also sign up for free samples and enter sweepstakes, these are the sites I use:

List of free books, samples, etc.

hard to explain this one. its like ebates kinda

amazon mechanical turk. do easy tasks for quick cash.

enter all once a day

this fun little game can have money added to it from your bank account to double it or triple it.

register and then keep logs of which of the hundreds of surveys you sign up for, they have a newsletter as well to keep you updated

freebie site, they have some survey site recommendations as well

this is the sister site of Paid Viewpoints, quick and easy fun polls for cash.


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