Saturday, January 21, 2012

Avon Products

So I`ve been an Avon sales rep for a few months now, and its really not that hard (and I`m not a people person) I am actually kinda shy in real life so if I can put in a 300$ order, I`m sure someone crazy and outgoing could do much better for themselves.
Most people I meet think Avon is cheap, useless junk. So I have been trying out different products here and there and I thought I would shed some light on the ones I personally love.

Lotus shield anti-frizz: Though the bottle is really tiny, take advantage of the low prices and deals and stock up on it when you can! This stuff really does help. It takes a few days of doing it, but I saw results by day 2, I still have some frizz, but my hair is much more manageable.

Keep it clear treatment: Anti dandruff stuff. It is icy and cold when massaging into the scalp and even stays cold while blow drying....weird. But it does the job, just be careful to only put a drop or two in each spot or you`ll end up with a greasy spot in your hair.

Fergie fragrance: I LOVE this perfume. It has two smells, a day and night one. I like the "Intense" scent better, but it smells really really good.

Silicone Glove: is this nifty, smooth hand cream. The directions say you`re supposed to put it on before doing housework. I haven`t tried that but it does protect hands from overnight chills and the lows here in Florida lol.

Foot works pumice cream: I love the smell and feel of this stuff. It does the work of a 20 minute pumice session in the tub, while sitting wherever you please. Simply put on, wait a few minutes and massage off. It smells good and you can see the tiny bits of pumice, and walnut shells.

Solutions Vibes roller: Is an under eye treatment. Works some days but not others for me, might work better for someone else.

Skin so soft gelled body oil: Has this amazing feel when it hits your skin. Its cool, wet, but not slimy. The original scent is what I use, which smells like baby powder. It does leave a residue, but that fades after a few minutes and leaves the scent and the feel. Perfect for after shaving or nightly renewal.

Silky Stay Shave gel: Speaking of shaving. The Avon shave "gel" isn`t really what you would expect in a gel. It is a little runny, but you only need a pea sized drop to do one entire leg.

Foot works Arthritis and achy muscle cream: Careful! this one is like a wake up call to your senses. It contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help soothe your feet and ankles, but the scent is a very strong minty smell. I can smell it through my clogged senses from the flu.

Lavender overnight cream: A foot cream that goes well with those fuzzy socks infused with lotions and aloe and whatnot. Or just by itself. When you peel off your socks in the morning and put your feel down on the ground, its like the feel you`re feeling with aren`t your own. They`re smooth, and supple, and smell great too!

Skin so soft "Soft indulgences": is a new line from Skin So Soft coming out soon. I bought it as a demo and fell in love. It has this extreme grapefruit citrus smell to it and comes in a body wash, lotion and body spray collection that layers nicely for an all day pleasure to the nostrils. And it has this "tingly" effect that really helps you wake up so I would pair it with that acne "wake up" facewash for a new morning routine.

Solutions body "liquid bra": So this line is rarely heard of or talked about from what I`ve read. I don`t really need it because my tits are big enough at "DDD"`s but I do like the effect I have seen. So its this runny pink lotion type stuff that you rub on your boobs after a shower, before bed, before leaving for work etc, and it "plumps them up" after a few days. I believe it makes your boobs retain moisture, because the effect wears off if you discontinue use, but I like the rounding out it gives me, better cleavage, firmer. Does the job without getting a boob job.

Avon Naturals sugarplum: Not sure if it is a seasonal thing, or if you can order year round, but I ordered some for the holidays and fell in love with the scent. Thinking about trying out more of the Naturals line.

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