Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drake Anthony-Eraven Nargi

Okay, like before I mentioned I have a son with Achondroplasia. This means he has a big head, normal sized torso and shorter arms/legs, just like his father. There may be more to it but I am by no means, a doctor, I`m just going by what I`ve been told by doctor after doctor.
Thankfully, he was a C-section. His head was in the 100th percentile and much to Tony`s mother`s dismay, I wasn`t about to destroy myself and risk my childs` life by trying to do that naturally. (I wanted the C-section anyway)
Drake progresses mobility-wise just a little slower than normal babies, but he is twice as smart. At 3 months he could hold his own bottle, but at 11 months he still cannot sit up on his own.
We have a team of drs. who monitor everything about him. Ent,Neuro,Ortho, Pulmology, genetics, pediatricians, therapists, sleep studies, etc. It keeps me busy enough so that even if I had a job I would be out for most of the month. So getting fired the day after Christmas was like a gift to me.

But as was as babies go, its really nice to have a baby with dwarfism. He`s still wearing 3month onesies, still wearing size 2 diapers, has a smaller appetite. He sleeps in the weirdest positions too, just like his father, and snores. Drake is intelligent too, he has already figured out how to unlock Sassy`s crate, and lock the sliding glass door. He has a projectile vomit problem which he uses like a defense mechanism, whenever he is startled or scared (or disciplined) he throws up everywhere. The GI doctor says it will calm down as he learns to sit and stand, which he is doing more and more every day.

This last one was the night of the sleep study at Healthpark Hospital. The results showed only snoring, no sleep apnea for this guy. Its very common for babies with dwarfism to develop sleep apnea, which is dangerous from what I am told, thankfully, only Drake`s snoring wakes him up at night, and a few night terrors here and there.

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