Sunday, May 6, 2012

Silver Lining?

So either god hates me or I just have some bad juju following me around..(anyone know someone who can get rid of that?)..but we`ve had a rough go of it the past few weeks. While the baby is recovering from surgery quite well, Tony`s been out of work.  Luckily he just landed a job that should help us meet the rent at least.
  Turns out our landlord just up and left a few months ago..explains why no one`s come by for the rent in 2 months. Well he left some of his houses in the care of his wife, and the others belong to his brother..guess which we fell under. The brother wants to sell the house, and already has a buyer who isn`t interested in renting it out. We were pretty much told to either come up with 58k to buy the shit hole or get out. So as much as I don`t like it, we`re moving. BUT as luck would have it that same night, after applying to every single house for rent on craigslist, at 8:42pm a duplex in lehigh came up! We called the number right away even though it was 9:15 at night lol.
   We went and looked at it already, and though it is small, I`ll finally have my own bathroom and dishwasher. Oh and water is included! Its 50$ cheaper a month and we dont have the water bill anymore. Problem is my dad isnt very happy its in lehigh. But we have checked it against the county records to make sure it is legit, and the owner has taken it off the market. The girl in it now is gonna be out on the 15th and we are trying to come up with as much as possible to get in. But we def. have a place.
   The biggest issue with finding a place is our animals. As you know most of them are rescues and their behaviour would get them put down. Sassy has separation anxiety and Kingsley is as aloof as a cat but as needy as a child. Not something anyone really wants around.

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