Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book I`m reading: Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach

I went to the library for one specific book, which I will mention when I read it, and ended up leaving with 15 books! I`m on a mission to learn as much as I can about living green,  rural homestead type stuff, cutting back, saving without killing ourselves and gardening since these are all things I can do from home when the husband gets his new ID and can go back to work.
  This book "Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach" was actually the second thing I picked off the shelf. Its supposed to tell the reader 50 ways to live a greener lifestyle without going into bankruptcy. I`m currently in the process of reading it and I`m going to be making notes as I go without spoiling the book for everyone else. ;)

   So far tip number one is to determine your own carbon footprint so you can see where you stand in our planet`s plight. He gives you a nifty website to do this in under 3 minutes and surprisingly our footprint was 8.0/15.0(the 15.0 being the entire U.S) so I don`t think we`re doing too bad, but there`s always room for improvement. The website also shows you ways to improve, and other spiffy facts.

  Another really good tip that I myself will be looking into is water usage. I already plan on trying to find a way to save rainwater to use for the garden, since summers in florida are  half rain, half sweltering heat, but now I`m reading that low flow faucets and showerheads help conserve water. I`ve read and seen television shows that complain about low flow, saying that it "feels like a homeless man is peeing on me"- Samantha Who, or all the advertising for the massaging showerheads. Really though, I love me a massaging showerhead, but it kinda eliminates the need for my husband or submissive to rub me down, and do we really need to be pelted with pressurized water? I think I could adapt, not sure about the others in the house but eh, I keep track of the money :)

    There is also a chapter on how to green up your house, and no its not all about sun gathering and all that, but also about the products you use. I`m already researching the internet to try and find recipes online to make my own shampoo and stuff like that, see how much I can cut back. Sorry avon

 So I`m finished with the book, all in all it is a very helpful book. It`s short enough so you don`t fall asleep reading it, but filled with enough information to help you get a good idea of how to start out on the right path towards living green. I hope you check your local bookstore or library for this one.

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