Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joshua, the pet

So I figured it was about time I talk about my "Taboo" activities, namely Joshua.

I am not legally married to Tony yet, and my relationship with Joshua shouldn`t change when I am so. I am a Mistress, in a bdsm relationship with a boy named Josh. He is a submissive in choosing, signing a contract with me to serve me as a pet.
As formal as it all sounds, that is the way we have worded it. In reality he pretty much signed a contract with me to be a servant, or slave if you will. He chose this and he lives happily, only being punished when doing something wrong. 

Josh is the type of person who needs someone to control him, which I have stepped in to do. He is nearly incapable of being happy without someone guiding him and controlling his actions. Like most Submissives in a S/M relationship, he has duties that he is expected to perform, and a list of rules that he is required to follow. He is rewarded and punished as necessary. Josh finds happiness in my happiness.
  So far we are exploring service, foot worship, enemas, pain threshold management, punishment and reward, sexual with holding and a few other things. We have located some literature on the subject and found a local group to explore other kinks such as bondage. It is going very well.
Update: 4/25/13
    Josh is doing well, with rare punishments. We have started exploring pegging. He has been collared and is soon to be caged as well. This year will be 2 years for us :)

Now for anyone who doesn`t understand there is plenty of literature both on and off the web explaining our relationship. Or feel free to email me at Kihluna@yahoo.com

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